Here at Butler's cabinet, we have a few offerings; coffees and teas, a deli for breakfast or lunch and other such necessities for the modern eater. We like to call ourselves a little marketplace.

A butler's cabinet has always been a special place to us, a place to remind us of our childhood. Our owner delighted in the snacks and pastries his mother, GiGi, is known for. She would hide them in a cabinet, deep in the corners of her butler's pantry. On any given day you could find a whole muffaletta atop a cake stand or a pie in a hat box from the 20's. He knew he could find cookies, scones, jams, you name it.

Now we are all grown up and enjoy a treat from time to time. Come help us celebrate those memories we hold so dear. Stop by, grab a coffee and some treats or a sandwich and some tea. Either way, we are excited to have you and hope you keep sneaking back to the Butler's Cabinet.