Small talk



We make our own syrups and flavors for our curated coffee and tea. We use local produce and even forage for some of our ingredients. We smoke and we cure meats. We slice it all in house. We make our condiments, our pickles, jams, hot sauce and even some cheese. We bake and sell baked goods from the best in town. You can come and grab a loaf of bread and some jam, or, a selection of cheese and a jar of pickles. Either way, we have something for you!

On the run or lounging


We have all you can drink house coffee for those who need some time, a walk up window for grab and go and a lunch spot for you and your friends.  We have a delightful selection of both hot and iced beverages. Chef Josh has a stellar team making some incredible food. They offer a fun lunch and dinner menu. If you are  stopping by for your morning coffee and a pastry, a quick business lunch, an afternoon snack, or dinner, we've got you covered. See you soon!